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Only around 2,000 were manufactured, mostly as semi-automatic versions in 5.56 mm NATO caliber for ODIN International Ltd. of Alexandria The Valmet M82 is a bullpup assault rifle with a Valmet RK 62 76 internal design created by Finnish company Valmet. (en) Valmet M82 adalah senapan serbu bullpup kaliber 5,56 mm dan 7,62 mm buatan Valmet asal Finlandia. Senapan ini menggunakan desain internal M76. (in) Le Valmet M82 est une variante bullpup du Valmet M76. Valmet 76 30 round magazine This is a 30 round Bulgarian Waffle mag that was converted to the proper specs to run in a Valmet 76 or 71. You cannot just use this mag off the shelf in the gun because of dangerous failures. Valmet M78/83s - a modified DMR variant of the M78, in which the stock and pistol grip are replaced by a thumbhole grip and a scope mount with a Mauser Mark X Electro-Point 4×40 scope.

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Only ~ 2,000 M82 were manufactured, mostly as semi-automatic version in 5.56mm NATO caliber for ODIN International ltd. in Alexandria, Virginia Forgotten Weapons merch! Valet M82 is a bullpup conversion This is a Valmet M82 Bullpup. This gun is in great condition and comes as shown. * Form 4 Incoming (50/50 payment) * .223 * Comes with 1 Factory Magazine and spare NEW Stock* Excellent investment * 3 Day inspection period According to the ATF paper work … 2020-11-02 Valmet’s Bullpup: The M82. August 25, 2018 Ian McCollum bullpup, Semiauto Rifles, Video 11.

These carbines are essentially Valmet M76 internals, slightly reconfigured into a bullpup setup and encased in a polyurethane stock. They were initially intended to replace the "flimsy" folding weapons that were being carried by Finnish 2020-05-08 Here's a very scarce Finnish made Valmet Model M82 "assault rifle".

TH Pettersson AB bruttoprislista 2017-12-18

Based on the classic Kalashnikov "AK" design, the M82 chambers the .223 Remington and is of "Bullpup" configuration which makes for an extremely compact weapon. Valmet M82 Bullpup LNIB w/ 2 Magazines Description: Up for your consideration is a beautiful Valmet M82 Bullpup chambered in .223. Only imported from 1986-1989 and in very few numbers.

Valmet m82 magazine

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Valmet m82 magazine

Skapad av YuRaNnNzZZ !!! REQUIRES TFA  23-460-M82. Monteringssats M82. 384 23-460-RE130. Rörelement Valmet. 896 Einhell MIG/MAG svets BT-GW150. 2396.

Valmet m82 magazine

As with the communist-block AKs that inspired it, the Valmet AK chambered the 7.62x39 mm M43 cartridge, fed from a standard AK detachable-box magazine … 20 round magazine for the milled version of the Valmet 78 or 76. Finland made.
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Valmet m82 magazine

Few Valmet M82. Valmet M82 - 5.56x45mm. Valmet M82A - 5.56x45mm. Bullpup Valmet assault rifle with the internal mechanism from M76. Film.

Only imported from 1 and in very few numbers. The for sale by Firearms Unlimited LLC on GunsAmerica - 941060622 Assault rifle Valmet M82 was developed for Finland Armed Forces for all type of troops. Constructionaly this is independent assault rifle based on AK assault rifles scheme. The main differences are "bulpup" arrangement, dioptrical sight and standard NATO 5.56 x 45 mm cartridge.
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FAMAS verkar vara ett BRA exempel, SA80 ett DÅLIGT. Valmet M82. VaLMET-M82.jpg Valmet 76 Kort, ja, den ar ännu fulare. Finns planer att det skall utrustas med C-mag men tillförlitligheten på dessa är inte  ännu i bruk. Valmet jobbade också lite på bullpup Some of the reasons why the M82 was not accepted to service were its too hard noise close to soldier's ear.

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We also take a closer look at our most recent innovations in the field of pulp, Valmet M82 is similar to these weapons: RK 62, Valmet Sniper M86, SAR 21 and more. Topic. Valmet M82. Share. Weapons similar to or like Valmet M82. rifles adapted from the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle for the United States military. 5.56mm automatic rifle with a 20-round magazine.